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Since the time when the NYSC directorate had made the antic requirement policy for the national Service youth program in Nigeria, I had always been folding my arms not to write about the insecure and unanalytical policy, believing many would accuse my concern because I was also affected by the ridiculous and display of incompetence. But I later realized that it is a national concern which must be together brainstorm to avoid the more increasing disaster afflicting the Nigeria existence. Human capital is the glory and hope of every nation which in turns make the country a better habitat for every inhabitant. According to George Marshal he said; to develop the nation is by developing the people, but the Directorate of the NYSC led by Brigadier General has used their incompetent intelligence to aggravate the economic and social hiccups of Nigeria.

Firstly, that policy alone has informed Nigerians that the directorate are not capable of administering the NYSC program in Nigeria, when the country educational , social and economic standard is below the expectation one could imagine, Joint Admission and Matriculation Bord registration number requirement has apparently justified the intellectual deterioration state of the administration. Initially, there is poor level of admission ability of Nigeria tertiary institutions where less than the average of applicants seeking admission every year can gain the admission. So, many people are gaining admission through part-time programme, or many would do Diploma, Or part- time in their National diploma and later direct entry or HND.

However, the current national assembly debate on making death penalty the reward for corruption offense would have virtually all the NYSC directorate, Universities and polytechnic and may prospective and serving corp members killed. Corruption is misconceived by many Nigerians as they expect only the politicians to be held responsible for their misdeeds. But corruption in its real sense denotes an act of unpatriotic, bribing, embezzlement and an act of indiscipline. The directorate of NYSC which postulates that the schools student affairs should make their students pay an amount of money to regularize a jamb registration number for them. This has shown how great this administration has abetted corruption and transmitting the indiscipline mentality into the reasoning of this generation. The rules are contra wise by doing that, when people who did not observe the rules of jamb could get the registration numbers overnight. Moreover, the registration number is just to reference the candidate identity, the paramount importance of the examination Is to assess the applicants ability of higher education. Then this is nothing but indiscipline and it expresses corruption in explication.

In the statement made by the Director of the NYSC, he said the policy is made to ensure strict compliance with the Nigeria University Commission and National Board for Technical Education requirement for admission. This statement has shown that the NYSC directorate has been sleeping in their office, and has not done a proper analysis before making the devastating policy. Have they forgotten that jamb result is not part of the requirement for part-time programmes and it is a recognized program by National Universities Commission (NUC) and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in our tertiary institutions? Then if this is done, they lack the skills to be in those positions and should be stripped of their positions.

In fact, what expose their intellectual disability is making such a devastating policy amidst the economic, social and security challenges confronting the corp members, and not considering a policy that would benefit them in the area of employment, security, empowerment and soliciting for government financial aid for them to benefit aftermath the service of their father land.

If the on-going plans by the National Assembly in their effort to reduce the cost of governance which resulted in a report to scrap or cancel Jamb examination, then, shame on the NYSC directorate who have spent resources and years in office to make a short-lived policy without any policy to combat the insecurity, and employment challenges facing the Nigeria graduates during and after youth service.
The public demand a justifiable explanation on the abysmal policy which have deprived many Nigeria graduates of serving their fatherland, and explicitly tell the world the concept of JAMB registration number, the importance to national youth service, and the benefits, and not the unconvincing reason stated for the implementation of the policy made to out-weigh their consideration for the protection of the lives of the corp members. In fact, I have always been antagonizing the appointment of military personnel to direct the administration of youth corp members in a scholarly world where intellectual display is required to direct the young scholars and help in ensuring the full display of knowledge they are abound with for the development of Nigeria.

Yes, the Author Robert Kiyosaki views in his book titled� The conspiracy of the Rich� have been made justified for those that are certificate dependents. And this is time for all prospective corp members and the Nigerian students to unilaterally condemn an unfavoring policy which could put the Nigeria education, economic, and security state in jeopardy. This has indicate a sign of the future worse policies or strategy that could be made. “Remember what goes round comes round�, let us together fight against the degradation of Nigeria educational and youth service program system pioneered by the unskillful hands in the administration of the program.

Once a Comrade forever a Comrade. Through this I subscribe to the fight by the Nigerian students to ensure victory.

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