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Part 1

I'm so happy for you for taking the step to visit my site today. You have a great life to design
and we have no time to waste.

Lets get busy getting you ahead. Here is what has to be realized right now to move forward.

There is a science to success. It's not some haphazard fluke that happens to a few people. You can proactively take control and create whatever you want at absolutely anytime. This is very real. But you have to obey the laws of prosperity and follow the proven steps of achievement.
The good news is that this process is blind to color, nationality, age, and personal circumstance! In other words, anybody who applies these principles to their lives can have what they want. There are primarily 6 steps you must practice. Do these 6 things well, and you will be emotionally empowered, spiritually sound, physically fit and financial1y free. You will discover these 6 steps this week and you will change your life forever.
The first step necessary to becoming successful in what you're accomplishing here is to manage your life in 60 minutes!
Manage your Life (Despite the Drama)
Understand that worry, time constraints, overwhelm, bills, and stress will always be an available distraction. But you do not have to subscribe to it. It's the person who embraces that truth and takes action on their dreams anyway that lives the life they want. The quality of your life is going to be determined by how well you manage yourself despite the drama.
The goal is not to keep life from happening to you. Life is going to happen. People get sick, funds fall short, balls get dropped, stuff gets broken, folks lie, the kids go nuts, you get discouraged, you can be betrayed by a friend, undervalued by an employer...you name it, it can happen. It will happen. Life always does. But it's the prudent person who will control and shape his/her nonsense into a winning experience. So, let's get to shaping.

You have to first manage your environment. Get still and bring order to your space. Chaos is your enemy. When you are covered in confusion because a million things are consuming your time, and your thoughts, you will cheat yourself out of the creative energy needed to get to a higher level. You can't move forward until you stabilize your current conditions. Close down for an hour and regroup your mind. Shut out and shut up all things noisy. Subject your own thoughts and movement to disciplined quiet. The phone will ring forever, folks will call your name; somebody is always going to want you for something. But you have to do a new thing to get a new result. Turn things off; close the door, hide yourself and breathe. I promise you -- stealing away for one hour a day will not bring the world to a stop.

But you may ask, what am I going to do with my hour? Good question. It is an hour of power to tend to life in a new way. When you capture solitude, you have power to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs that don't support your goals. Be careful here. You are not to use your time to beat yourself up or entertain regret. Focus on forward. This is time that you have set aside to study success. Feed your mind with things that are aligned with promise and growth.

Working on this program is an excellent thing to do with your time. Some people are not staying caught up with this 7-Day plan because they are to busy being interrupted by a life they say they want to change. People are too busy to think and grow. When they do find time to think, they usually focus on problems -- not solutions.

Your hour is there to brainstorm what is working in your life. What are you grateful for? What ideas can you implement? Did you know studies show that the average person has four different ideas a day -- that if they had followed through on any one of them, they would have become millionaires!

What happened to all of your ideas? I submit that they have been swallowed in the recesses of the hustle and bustle and negative self-talk. Ask yourself the question: What do I really want out of my life and who do I have to team up with, call, know, meet, lose or help to get it?

These are the questions that get answered when you commit to calm and resign your struggle. Find your hour to change your life my friend. It can be the same hour everyday or a different one. The important thing is that you find your hour, hold on to it and honor it daily. You need this like you need oxygen. Please understand the critical nature of this one step. A shortcut will cost you. You must make this an absolute priority ........ visit for all the article
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