Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money Online

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Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money Online

Postby usaywetin » Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:13 am

Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money Online

I always talk about make money online because I make money as well from the internet every other day and I believe everyone should be able to achieve this same feat, of making money online like I do.

Ten Reasons Why You Have Not Made Real Money from Doing Business Online

You have not been succeeding because;
1. You have always been in a hurry to start one business or the other without taking time to settle for one.
2. You are simply ignorant of the opportunities open to you in the particular online business you have chosen to do.
3. You believe you are financially unstable to do business on the internet, when in actual sense and you don’t need a dime to make money from the internet.
4. You get confused about the internet land rush and you simply can’t keep up with the pace.
5. You believe you must have a website of your own before you can make it from the internet.
6. You do not set short term goals which must be achieved before your overall goals of making money must be achieved.
7. You are simply intrigued with the host of opportunities available on the internet that you get confused on which business to do.
8. You don’t have someone who inspires you, who can serve as a mentor, tutor and guide.
9. You dream big, by counting your chickens before they are hatched, when you can apply that effort in actually praying hard very hard.
10. The last but not the least, you have failed in your overall goal of helping others. It is only when you help other people genuinely to solve their problems online that you can actually make money online.

Funny as this reasons may be, one of them should be the reason why you still have not made it online. The reason why most people would not succeed is because they have simply decided to leave their comfort zones. It is only when we leave our comfort zones by working really hard that we can really trust on luck to smile on us.

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as I always say no dull urself money can be made without stress
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