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Igbo language

Postby Richard Akindele » Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:03 pm

What is the Igbo terminology for Hausa and Yoruba languages?

In Hausa:

Yoruba language = Yarbanchi
Yoruba people = Yarbawa

Hausa language = Hausa
Hausa people = Hausawa
Hausa man = Bahaushe
Hausa woman = Bahaushiya

Igbo language = Ibo
Igbo people = Nyamirai
Igbo man = Ibo (Nyamiri)
Igbo woman = Nyamura

In Yoruba:

Yoruba language = Ede Yo'oba
Yoruba people = Awon omo Yo'oba
Yoruba man/woman = Omo Yo'oba

Hausa language = Ede Awusa
Hausa people = Awon omo Awusa
Hausa man/woman = Omo Awusa

Igbo language = Ede Ibo (Yamirin)
Igbo people = Awon omo Ibo
Igbo man/woman = Omo Ibo

In Igbo:

Yoruba language =
Yoruba people =
Yoruba man/woman =
Yoruba woman =

Hausa language =
Hausa people =
Hausa man =
Hausa woman =

Igbo language =
Igbo people =
Igbo man/woman =
Igbo woman =
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