Arrogant Chief Medical Director of UPTH.

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Arrogant Chief Medical Director of UPTH.

Postby Dorothy Uchego » Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:21 pm

A young man of 28 years old just died today. He was involved in an unfortunate accident and hit his head hard on the road. He sustained severe head injury.
The emergency services responded and he was taken to a hospital where the Doctor assessed him. And due to lack of scanning equipment recommended immediate removal to UPTH if his life was to be saved.

On arrival at UPTH, the Chief Medical Director instructed them that they have only 25 beds, which were all occupied and therefore could not do much. He refused to even leave his office to go and take a look at the patient. There was another Doctor who was too busy talking on the mobile to care about the life of this young man ebbing away. He fought hard and died 4 hours after the accidental fall.

Perhaps they could not have even saved him, but as " Doctors" they are oath bound to safe lives or give it their best shot.

Why should such professional detachment be the norm in Nigeria, that a persons life is not worth saving?.Must we desecrate every profession we go into. The number of the Chief Medical Director is a,nyN&#^. He should be struck off the register.
Dorothy Uchego
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Postby fw12 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:17 pm

I agree with you. The doctor was very callous.

Frequently, people are denied medical care, until police report is produced. Many accident victims also die this way, yet the law remains.

I don't think Nigeria really cares who lives or who dies, unless you are a person of influence in the society.

Very sad indeed.
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