Nigerian Police stealing from Nigerians

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Nigerian Police stealing from Nigerians

Postby fw12 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:23 pm

Offa and Erinle communities in Kwara State at the weekend frowned at the rate at which securitymen posted to the areas to maintain peace and orderliness as a result of the recent community clash, are extorting money and valuables from the motorists and passengers that ply the road.

The two communities who vowed to wage war against the ugly thrend, appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. Sunday Ehindero to call his men to order so as not to cause another clash between the two communities and the security operatives posted to the warring towns.

Consequently, when THISDAY visited the two communities, the commercial bus in which our correspondent was travelling with at the weekend was stopped by the securitymen and forcefully asked the driver to come down and made his routine donation of N100 to them without any complain.

The state governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki two weeks ago announced the ban on the curfew imposed by the goverment at the wake of the communal clashes between the two towns following the peace that has retruned to the ancient towns.

THISDAY reliably gathered that, inspite of the lifting of the curfew in the two affected communities, the anti-riot policemen and the army officers from Sobi barracks, Ilorin, have refused to quit the two towns as they were living fat from the motorists and passengers plying the roads.

It was learnt that, the anti-riot policemen and the army would order the motorists and the passengers to come down on the pretext that they wanted to check their goods and services but at the end of the day, they would compel the motorists and the passengers to part with certain some of token unless they will be disturbed from their journey.

The development according to THISDAY investigations,has forced many of the motorists and the passengers at times to be engaging in a fitscuff and if not checked, it may lead to another war in the area.

But, in a chat with THISDAY in Offa and Erinle respectively at the weekend on the development, Mr. Yinka Oladosu and Mrs. Iyabo Akindepo condemned the action of the anti-riot policemen and the army posted to the affected towns because they have truned themselves as a nuisance on the road and this wasnot good for the peace and development of the areas.

Oladosu and Mrs.Akindepo who aid that, " let me tell tell you, these anti-riot policemen and the army posted to Offa and Erinle communities to maintain peace are now collecting between N20 to N100 depending on how they can bargain with the motorists and the passngers.

They said that, the development has affected the ongoing peace move being put in place by the goverment.

They therefore called on the IGP,Mr. Ehindero to wade into the matter so as to protect the image of the Nigeria Police Force.

Contacted yesterday on the development, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Marcus said that, he was not aware of such alleged collection of the said toll by the anti-riot policemen posted to Offa and Erinle communities to maintain peace in the areas from the motorist and passengers.

According to him,"We have been saying without numbers that, it is a crime to give policemen money but our people have refused to abide with this warning."

He therefore said that, he would invstigate the matter today (Monday) when i get to the office.

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Disband or Dignify Decaying Nigerian Police

Postby fw12 » Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:00 pm

We have a duty to dignify and make the Nigeria Police effective, or disband it forthwith. That is the message of this week's essay.

Everyday, the decay in the Nigeria police stares us in the face. The Engr. Funsho William's assassination is the latest. Upon learning of the homicide, the Inspector General of Police zoomed down from Abuja with self assuring pageantry only sooner, to conclude that the awaiting task, was well beyond him, and that he needed outside help. He then invited his British counterpart who promptly responded and took charge of proceedings.

Whatever success is eventually achieved, the message to Nigerians is clear and unmistakable: that our police force is unquestionably second-rate. No time is more appropriate therefore, to apply drastic turn-round measures on the Nigerian Police, than now. What the British police have over us is not brain, but those trappings that ease, and expedite criminal investigations. Issues of security of life and property in Nigeria have recently been of great concern to all Nigerians. No city dweller considers expedient, the luxury of own experience before erecting a fence round his house. Even that, no longer deters criminals.

The truth is that every Nigerian has had a sad personal story to tell about encounters with well armed robbers. Convinced therefore that it has become a national predicament beyond the police, every individual has had to brace up for a sudden premature lights out in the hands of these punks. We have to be prepared to face the stack reality that our police, as presently constituted, have virtually lost their zeal to fight crime.

It may not be entirely their fault, but, the bad seed planted over the years, has grown beyond control.

Recently, the Inspector General of Police was seen at a fund raising event with the Chairman of the Police Service Commission. This obviously was necessary as the police budget is either inadequate, or diverted to wrong channels.

There is always the scandalous Tafa Balogun example to remember. The invited guests in the arena, were told that the police needed financial assistance to enable them police Nigeria effectively. Broken down police patrol vehicles litter everywhere awaiting repairs. Smuggled sophisticated guns are in the hands of criminals and drunks who can only be challenged with superior weapons which the police do not have. Police acquisitions do not match the competing criminal activities of boot-legers. The Police are therefore not well fitted physically and psychologically to offer any resistance to criminals anymore.

We have spent quite a great amount of money canvassing the need for our intellectuals in diaspora to come home and help in nation building. We have grumbled about brain drains and the one directional migration pattern. We have pleaded all these at seminars, workshops and conferences pleading that we all put Nigeria first. Our Embassy and High Commissions emphasize the essence of patriotism as a project. Why are they not yielding results? The Nation's security systems are poor.

Something happens daily in Nigeria to confirm that we have grossly under valued human life. Why, in the face of that, are we showing reluctance in giving the police the shake up it deserves? Why are we indifferent to equipping the police well? All I am saying is, if we cannot equip the police adequately, we should dismantle it and install in its place a brand new police organisation. Any money spent on the nation's security is money well spent.

In a suggestion made in this column two years ago, it was canvassed that the present police force cannot be repaired by adhoc reform measures and should be subjected to a drastic heart transplant with a bit of plastic surgery.

It was specifically proposed, that no IG should be a regular policeman. Our insistence on sticking to the promotional procedure which had meant that a corrupt police sergeant or corporal stands a chance of rising to the position of Inspector General is faulty and harmful to the force and country.

A policeman who spent 30 years practicing underhand deals, receiving twenty naira notes at road blocks, hiding case files, aiding and abetting criminals, accepting roles in unscrupulous and shady conducts, cannot eventually be a worthy Inspector General of Police.

We need well grounded management specialists who are not contaminated and who can say to their subordinate officers and men, "boys do not steal" and they do not sound unserious and ridiculous. Should we fail in this task, we shall be left where we are, until the end of time.

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