Nigerian Police is Corrupt - ICPC, EFCC attacks

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Nigerian Police is Corrupt - ICPC, EFCC attacks

Postby Richard Akindele » Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:47 pm

Sam Eyoboka

CHAIRMAN of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, ICPC, Justice Emmanuel Ayoola yesterday in Lagos corroborated recent EFCC charge that the nation's police force is corrupt, adding however that the police helmsman is striving to assess the development.

"The popular notion in the country that the Nigeria Police Force is corrupt is true", Justice Ayoola declared, "but I know that the current Inspector-General of the Force is doing a lot to assist the development".

In a speech delivered at the inaugural lecture of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos, the ICPC boss also declared that there are no more sacred cows in the fight to root corruption from the nation, adding that the era of sacred cows are over as the commission will soon recruit about one million anti-corruption volunteers to assist in the crusade for a decent Nigerian society.

According to him, the ICPC had adopted this strategy upon realisation that the anti-corruption campaign can succeed only if it is credible and transparent; and must be people-driven and people-owned to ensure effectiveness.

"A campaign that seeks to transform must itself be virtuous", he said "the anti-corruption campaign loses its credibility if it is not transparent and it cannot itself claim ethical leadership in society".

Speaking on the topic: "Unlocking Sustainable Economic and Social Development Through Effective Campaign Against Corruption", Justice Ayoola pointed out that to make a headway in the fight against corruption and to unlock sustainable economic and social development, the Church and other religious organisations have an important role to play.

According to him, "apart from the spiritual aspect, not only do religious organisations preach integrity and love for fellow human beings, these organisations have tremendous influence on their adherents".

He also identified some legal shortcomings that can militate against effective anti-corruption campaign stressing the urgent need to strengthen the legal aspects of the campaign. "The independence of all specialised anti-corruption agencies must be guaranteed by law", he said, adding "such agencies must not only be independent but they must be seen to be independent in the performance of their functions".

Justice Ayoola added: that measures must be taken to strengthen the integrity of the investigation and prosecution services of such agencies.

"Protection of witnesses, experts and victims should be strengthened," he said "there should be legislation to provide for protection against any unjustified treatment for any person who reports in good faith and on reasonable authorities and facts concerning offences established in accordance with our anti-corruption laws".

He also suggested evidential immunity to protect the media and anti-corruption reporters from disclosing their source of any confidential information submitted to an anti-corruption agency for the purpose of investigation.

"In addition to these, anti-corruption agencies should be well funded and their operations well remunerated he said.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the inaugural Cathedral lecture series, the former CBN governor, Mr. Ola Vincent urged Nigerians to demand from politicians, their campaign promises rather than the current clamour for zonal or power shift.

"If we must fight corruption, like the ICPC boss had told us, we must all ensure accountability from our politicians", he said, adding however that the political process in the country is dawn too expensive for these to be transparency.

"If we must fight corruption we must make the government to fulfil its obligations to its officials including the Policeman who essential to the war against corruption", Mr. Vincent pointed out.

In his welcome address, the provost of the Cathedral Church, Lagos, Ven Yinka Omololu said the subject for the lecture was a tropical one that affects all of us in the country.

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