N2.4 Billion Scam - ANPP to Remove Lawmakers

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N2.4 Billion Scam - ANPP to Remove Lawmakers

Postby Richard Akindele » Wed Jul 26, 2006 1:30 am

The backlash of the N2.4 bn fertilizer scam that recently pitched Kano State government against its legislative arm has begun to manifest as the ruling All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), yesterday notified the state House of Assembly of its decision to change its majority leader, Alhaji Ahmed Tambaya Dawanau.

THISDAY, however, gathered that the major target was the speaker of the House, Alhaji Saidu Gani, who led the lawmakers to call for the head of the state commissioner of local government, Alhaji Sani Abdullahi Rogo, who is incidentally a key figure in governor Ibrahim Shekarau's administration.

The decision, however, turned the floor of the house into a wrestling arena as those in support of Tambaya's removal engaged other lawmakers against it in a free for all fight.

It all started when the speaker read the ANPP's letter, which was ironically delivered by the state ALGON chairman, but opposed by the majority of the 33 lawmakers that attended the session.

As soon as the speaker finished reading the letter, some of the legislators demanded for reasons for removal of their majority leader but the speaker declined, saying it was irrelevant.

However, as the matter was being discussed, the chief whip of the house and one of those in support of ANPP's decision, Com. Aminu Abdullahi Jingau, went straight to the mace and broke it.

The speaker had to calm the members and asked for a spare mace to be brought before another member seized it again, which led to another pandemonium.

However, the matter was finally resolved through voting as 20 out of the 33 members voted against the removal of the majority leader.

But the chief in a chat with newsmen shortly after the incident insisted that "the majority leader was removed since he was nominated by the ANPP, the party has the right to remove whenever it whishes".

This Day.
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