CNN - Who Are the Real Fraudsters?

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CNN - Who Are the Real Fraudsters?

Postby Richard Akindele » Tue Jul 18, 2006 6:21 pm

OPINION by Abadaike Elvis

About two weeks ago I watched a programme orchestrated and air by CNN titled "How To Rob A Bank". I actually settled down to watch what I thought would be an interesting documentary, but was disappointed when I discovered it was another attempt by the western media to rubbish the image of Nigeria.

Though I was disappointed, I was nevertheless surprised, as programmes like this is the favourite pastime of the western media who will never see any good in Africa especially Nigeria. While the title of that documentary was "How To Rob A Bank", the essence was to vilify Nigeria, potray it as a Country of Fraudsters and conmen. As I opened a mail on the 23rd of June, 2006, sent by my friend who is in UK on vacation, a reply to the one I had earlier written him, I was greeted with another news on Nigeria. My friend wrote in that e-mail and I quote "As I am replying this e-mail we are currently listening to a phone in programme on the BBC radio 94.9 FM and the topic is on Nigeria a nd its reputation as a Con capital of the World. Various people are phoning in to say what they think about Nigeria and what their experiences have been on the 419 saga and other tTaudulent practices". My friend concluded by saying that "it is shameful what they think and are saying about us, but we have to live with all these bad publicity". After reading my friend's piece and the way he resigned to live with the situation, I pitied him and other Nigerians who are resigning to a fate that was designed and foisted on them by the same people who are their accusers. The West is winning in their propaganda and they must be smiling back to their bedrooms.

But unfortunately those who should be ashamed today are not the good Nigerians like my friend and so many others, but the West, the Slave Masters, they are the ones that should hide their head in shame, they are the hypocrite, the 419ers, the fraudsters and not Nigerians. They were the ones who came raped our women, caged our men and took them to their plantation to toil day and night with padlocks strapped to their mouth, so that they could not even eat from the food they produced. They laboured to develope foreign lands, their masters and their children smoked long pipe, rode on horse backs with long stick on their hands to force them to work on empty stomach. Many died in the plantation not only because of hunger and disease, but from nostalgia, from the pains of separation from loved ones, aged mothers and fathers, dear children and wives. Innocent children were made orphans. They died from the urge to see Africa again.

They came, tricked our leaders, made them drunk with sweet wine, armed them with sophisticated weapons to war among themselves and left our land desolate. They came and met us innocent, but by the time they left, we were anything but innocent. They sold to us immorality, greed and selfishness. Today the blood and sweat of the most virile Africans laid part of the developmental foundations of the western world. Yet what do we get in return, ingratitude: The call for reparation which is most justified has been consigned to the dustbin of history with the death of Chief MKO Abiola. West Germany has paid out more than $35 billion in reparation to the Zionist State and millions of individuals "victims of National Socialism". Doesn't Afiica deserve the same treatment? Is it not the height of 419 to take our most virile men and women, those who would have anchored the development of Afiica, in exchange for mere wine, tobacco and gunpowder? Is this not the height of deceit and injust ice "

against a people? Yet they still have the morals to accuse us. Today we are still being 419ed. I can bet with my life that the oil majors are stealing us blind in the Niger Delta. Are the oil Major from the West not behind the illegal bunkering in the Niger Delta? What 419 could be more than this? How many barrels of oil are they taking from our soil today? We all know what is happening in the Niger Delta to our oil. Can a Nigerian oil firm do that in the UK or The United States of America? While the oil companies are living in opulence, the owners of the resources are living in the most dehumanising conditions. They have uninterrupted power and water supply, while their host communities are in perennial darkness. How many times have CNN, VOA and BBC aired a documentary on the situation in the Niger Delta to expose these oil companies? What about all the stolen billions in our steel projects? Somebody will want to put the blame on our leaders. Yes our leaders.

It is really unfortunate we are where we are today due to bad leadership, but the truth of the matter is that the so called West are accomplice in the design by the leaders which they foist on us to perpetually deny us of meaningful development. While they preach democracy, equality and the rule oflaw they connive with our leaders to steal our resources and petrol dollars to develop their economy. They grant our leaders safe passage and take general commissions from monies that belong to us, and they have the audacity to call us fraudsters. Who are the owners and directors of the banks that receive stolen monies ftom a poor and war ravage continent? Are these Bank Directors and Banks not fraudsters? What about huddles that have been deliberately placed on the way to retrieving our stolen monies ftom the western Bank? Why do we need to hire western consultants and pay generous commission to get back what rightly belong to us? They keep these stolen monies, yet Africans are dyi ng of hunger and famine and they have the guts to call us Conmen and Fraudsters. These people are really shameless. Nigeria recently paid out a whopping NI2billion to the Paris Club of Cruel, sorry, Creditors who already had taken from us more than a fair share of the money they borrowed us. Can they truly justify their action? Were these borrowed monies truly used for the purpose they were meant for? Was it not part of their responsibility to ensure this? They know fully well that these monies were not used for the purpose they were meant for, instead they went back to their banks, and yet we were obliged to pay back. Maybe CNN, VOA and BBC need tutorials on the real meaning of fraud or con. Who are these men anchoring these programmes? Do they have conscience?

The whole idea of the CNN and BBC propaganda is blackmail and Nigeria should not give in to this blackmail Today Nigeria boast of some of the finest crops of professional in the world, some in the UK and United States of America. They are not being celebrated; even Nigerians refuse to celebrate them. The Philip Emegwalis abound all over the world. Today, the level of moral decadence in the west is alarming and this ugly trend is being exported to other parts the world including Africa. Homosexuality, lesbianism, gay marriages are being legalised A homosexual bishop was recently ordained in the Anglican Communion, and of course Africans protested and refused to recognise the abomination. Do CNN, VOA and BBC ever talk about the high moral value of the Africans? Today Nigerians are taking back the gospel message to the west that initially brought it to us. The western media will never talk about this. Must we take these propagandists seriously? Instead of giving up to this cheap blackmail we must see this as an opportunity to unite as a nation and begin to build our future. We must learn to depend more on our ability and less on what we can get as hand out from the West. Thank God we have a government who has tried to put in place structures that we can start building on. We must begin to look at our potentials and see how best to harness them.

This Day.
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