Legitimate Business Opportunities On The Internet

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Legitimate Business Opportunities On The Internet

Postby diskorvery » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:44 am

Actually there are many businesses that you can do on the internet that will earn you good money but this are some of the businesses that I subscribe for you to do.

1, Online Payment Solution: many Nigerians want to make payments on the internet for one services or the other but they don?t know how to go about it because they don't have access to credit card, this is an opportunities you can tap into and make a lot of money for yourself every month by helping them get credit cards.

2, Buying & Selling Of e-gold money Online: e-gold business is one of the best biz you can do on the internet because e-gold $1 = N140 to N150, you just need to a little training to get started on e-gold biz.do you see the opportunity?

3, Reseller Right Business: This is a wonderful opportunity, especially at this information age,that you can get into because somebody will create a products and you just purchase the right to resell it & you keep 100% of the profits of the products that you sell.

4, Private Label Right: somebody create a product like e-Book, you purchase the book and you replaced the name of the author with your own name, you the sell the book as your own book & at your own price, wonderful!

5, Google * Program: if you know how google * programs works, then this might be one of the easiest business you will ever do on the internet, google.com keep giving away Free money just for you to put their codes that will generate cash for you on your website or blog.

6, Affiliate Programs: Selling other people product for commission & commission is normally 50 to 75% on any product you sold, very good opportunity to get into come 2008 & beyond.

7, Writing: Do you have a story, experience, achievement in life, name it, you can put it in writing & convert it into e-Book, market it on the internet for the big bucks, just get inform about this kind of business.

8, Sport Betting: Sure betting or Arbitrage as they normally called it, is a wonderful opportunity for you & many Nigerians are yet to know about it, so this might be another goldmine for you, if only you have what it take for you to go into this kind of business, this business is risk FREE unlike any other businesses. Ok

9, Forex trading: Trading currency on the Internet is a good business but you must have adequate knowledge about how the forex market works.

10, Network marketing: Nigerians have fall in love with MLM, & some other referer programs on the internet like getawayclub, clubfreedom, massivegold to mention but few, so you can also make use of this opportunities to enrich yourself if you have interested in any of those MLM out there. The most recent and wave causing network markrting right now in our country is the one organised by diamond bank,adic life insurance and IFA,a south african based company that just moved into nigeria three weeks ago. for more information on this check www.ifanigeria.blogspot.com

This are the 10 opportunities that I will be teaching you,you may decide to get each of my ebooks that gives you step by step guid to how to get started & how to succeed in doing it. I know that any of the business opportunity listed above will guarantee you earning millions in 2008 and beyond. So get started now and keep smiling to the bank every month.

to your success, shalom.
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