Fake Drugs, Worst Form of Corruption

Fake Drugs, Worst Form of Corruption

Postby Richard Akindele » Tue May 27, 2008 7:02 pm

The Director General of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC), Prof Dora Akunyili yesterday, said that the sale of fake drugs to innocent people is the worst corruption because it violates the fundamental human rights of innocent victims.

The DG stated this yesterday while she played host to the President, Youths For Human Rights International, Mrs Mary Schuttleworth, in Abuja.

She stressed that Nigeria was ready to collaborate with other international organizations to fight the scourge of child abuse because according to her it is a sin against humanity.

Prof. Akunyili said once Nigeria, a giant of Africa had the fight against fake drugs right, all the other nations in Africa will also get it right. She said the sale of fake drugs in Nigeria has led to the loss of lives of both the young and the old.

Her words: "If we get it right in Nigeria, we get it right in Africa and if we get it right in Africa all people of colour will be happy. Somebody was asked me what the relationship between NAFDAC and Human Rights? Fake drugs is the worst aspect of corruption, it violates the rights of innocent victims.

"So it is a Human Right violation for anybody to give anybody drugs containing low active ingredients or containing little active ingredient or label totally what they are not or re-label expired drugs. What worst Human Right violation can you compare with that?

"Abuse of Human Right is a sin against Humanity especially abuse of rights of children. I want to say that NAFDAC, will cooperate with you to fight these criminals who are merchant of death.

She also pledged that NAFDAC in conjunction with other government agencies such as Human Right Commission, and other anti corruption agencies would ensure that the right of people are strengthened and protected and this will be extended to other sub-regions in Africa.

On child abuse, she said it is very difficult to evaluate because in developing countries so many cases are not reported but time are changing people are getting more aware of the right of a child. She also added that more work needed to be done on the issue.

"It is difficult to evaluate because so many people don't report, if a child is abuse by the parent who the child reports to especially in developed countries they don't report.

"In developed countries they call the Police in developing countries they don't. So you cannot put a figure but lot of people are working round the globe to put a stop to it.

Schuttleworth, in her response said that what the commission wanted to do is to raise awareness for the children on their rights.

According to her many children don't even know that they are violated and they don't know that their voice counts so they do not report these abuses.

She urged the relevant agencies involved in the fight against drug abuse and child abuse not to relent in their efforts.

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