US Airline begins direct flight to New York from Lagos

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US Airline begins direct flight to New York from Lagos

Postby Richard Akindele » Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:26 pm

A North-American Airline Boeing 767- 300ER took off from the Lagos international airport on Monday heading for New York, heralding the resumption of direct flights between Nigeria and the United States.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nigerian Aviation Minister Babalola Borishade said a Nigerian airline would soon join in plying the Lagos-New York route in line with the open skies policy.

Borishade said Nigeria had no choice but to let its aviation sector conform to international standards.

He explained that Nigeria was already seeking partnerships with the American Aviation authorities to comply with all annexes of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The minister stated that the re-commencement of direct flights between both countries was a happy development, describing the event as a day when vision was being brought to reality.

He said the development would be of mutual benefit to both countries, explaining that realization of the Lagos-New-York flight by a Nigerian airline was a challenge that Nigeria must sustain.

Also speaking, U.S. Consul-General Bryan Browne described the restoration of direct air links between both countries as a new beginning which would boost bilateral relations between both countries.

He described the event as a happy one which opened a new chapter in U.S-Nigeria relations, adding that the successful entry by the North-American airlines would be a signal to other U.S. airlines.

"The development will also assist in building of close cooperation between U.S. and Nigerian aviation authorities," he said, urging both Nigerian and U.S. aviation authorities to work together to ensure the flights were safe.

He called on Nigerian and American citizens to make the bridge built by the air links, a lasting one, explaining that it would bring dreams and aspirations of people from both countries together.

North American Airlines is also the official airline for the Sullivan Summit that started in Abuja today.

The United States suspended direct flight between the two countries a decade ago when Nigeria was under military rule.

Source: Xinhua
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