Nigeria urges EU nations to treat Africans with dignity

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Nigeria urges EU nations to treat Africans with dignity

Postby Richard Akindele » Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:48 pm

Nigeria urged European Union (EU) nations to treat Africans who are being repatriated home with dignity and courtesy in a statement released in Abuja at the weekend by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

The statement quoted NIS Comptroller-General Chukwurah Udeh as saying that Nigerians being brought home had always complained of ill-treatment in the hands of their European hosts before deportation.

With the positive results from the Nigerian government's economic reforms, the Nigerian immigration official said, "many young Nigerians are getting involved in the various spheres of the economy as they have come to realize that there are no diamonds or gold littered on the streets of Europe."

He said immigration officials of both Nigeria and EU countries should collaborate each other in mass sensitization campaign to discourage young Africans from embarking on illegal migration to Europe.

Udeh said greater efforts should be made to make visa requirement easy for the exchange of skilled and unskilled labor in order to encourage more young Nigerians to use official channels of travel to Europe.

He said some innovations have been introduced by the NIS for the repositioning of the service for the challenges of modern migration management.

Source: Xinhua
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