New Presidential Jet Arrives for Obasanjo

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New Presidential Jet Arrives for Obasanjo

Postby Richard Akindele » Sun May 07, 2006 2:17 pm

The Presidential Air Fleet yesterday in Abuja took delivery of a new Jet, a Boeing 737-800 business jet for the use of President Olusegun Oba-sanjo.

The new comfort plane designed to achieve maximum comfort for the President who can effectively functions as if he is in his Presidential mansion fully equipped with office and accommodation facilities cost the nation $72 million (N9.3 billion).
According to information available on Boeing web site, the annual fixed costs will be $7.9 million (N1.04 billion).

The plane, according to the manufacturers is deigned to take care of the need of "global leaders (who) need to fly farther in comfort, be productive enroute and reach business destinations relaxed and refreshed."

It also has three times the interior space of the competition at a comparable price and a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles... setting new standards in space, comfort, utility and support."
The plane, THISDAY gathered can fly 14 hours non-stop meaning that President Obasanjo can travel from Abuja to Washington DC in the United States without any stop over.
The plane which has ability to convey about 30 passengers has provision for Presidential office, executive conference area and first class ensuite bedroom.

"The plane ensures that you can maintain personal productivity even when flying 14 hours non-stop. Comfort such as a spacious executive suite with Queen size bed that allow you to get a goodnight's sleep. A dinning area is perfect for conferences or gracious meals, private offices are ideal for serious work or quiet reflection. With all the amenities of home and office, you can meet, eat, sleep and dine in comfort and are sure to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for the business day," the manufacturer stated.

Boeing information service stated that the BBJ is not hampered by the number of passengers in its ultra-long range performance.
Designed to meet modern aviation noise level standards, the Boeing Business Jets has a sound level during take off and approach which has a low impact on nearby communities.
There are only about 86 of the Boeing 737-800 business jets flying and the manufacturer make provisions that passengers in the plane get 100 per cent fresh air circulated every 3.75 minutes throughout the BBJ cabin.

Two control zones make it easy for passengers and crew to select perfect temperatures. An optional humidity control system and a fully automatic pressurisation system add to the level of passenger comfort. The low interior noise levels, can work quietly through the flight or get you a good night's sleep,� it stated.

Source: ThisDay
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