Country to Establish Air Link With Argentina, China

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Country to Establish Air Link With Argentina, China

Postby Richard Akindele » Tue May 02, 2006 7:23 pm

Indications emerged yesterday that Nigeria would establish air link with Argentina when the Ambassador of Argentina Mr. Jorge Vehils visited the Aviation Minister in Abuja. He also said that purposeful collaboration between the two countries in the effective management of airspace is more important now due to the countries interest in radar coverage which is essential for airspace management.

He also met with the Deputy governor of Chinese Province of Henan who solicited for air links between Nigeria and the Province.

Borishade further stressed that experts from both countries should meet and exchange ideas on how to get things working in the sector. According to him, "This mutual exchange of ideas by experts remain imperative in the development of the aviation industry". He therefore called on the Ambassador to take advantage of the cordial relationship between both countries and liberalization as well as reform programmes of his administration to invest in Nigeria's aviation sector.

Also the minister who hosted a Chinese delegation headed by the Deputy Governor of the Henan Province Mr. Jia Lianchao explored the possibility of establishing an airlink between Nigeria and the Henan Province when he said that airlink between Nigeria and the Province would boost economic activities and open more business opportunities.

Noting that the visit by the Henan authorities coincided with the visit of the Chinese President said

"This uniquely important visit has created an avenue for top government functionaries and business among others to cross fertilize ideas and take advantage of the cordial relationship between Nigeria and Chinese to engage in purposeful trading and investment in the aviation sector of the economy". He noted that the proposal for the Bilateral Air Services (BASA) between both countires has been sent to China and should be regarded as completed as all political hurdles has been crossed while the technical aspects of the agreement were being fine tuned.

Responding, Mr Jia Lianchao urged the minister to ensure that there would be airlink between Nigeria and China and the Henan Province of China. Mr Lianchao also stated that Henan Province has a population of about 97 million people which is the largest in China and is strategically located to boost business co-operation and investment opportunities.

He also disclosed that President Obasanjo has granted use of Lagos International Trade Fair to the Henan Province to develop into a special Trade Free Zone.

Source: This Day.
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