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Senate Considers Bill On Degree, HND Harmonisation

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:40 pm
by fw12
The Senate has received a Bill for an Act to prevent discrimination against graduates and staff members of polytechnics and similar institutions in Nigeria in the areas of employment, promotion and career prospect.

The Bill, which was sponsored by Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Senator Joy Emordi and passed through first reading yesterday, has prescribed a five-year jail term for any person and/or corporate body who contravenes the provisions contained therein.

Cited as "A Bill for Act to Provide for the Prevention of Discrimination against Graduates and Staff of Polytechnics and Similar Institutions in Nigeria and for other Matters Connected Therewith", the sponsor said that when passed, it may be cited as "Polytechnic (prevention of Discrimination) Act, 2006.

The provisions of the bill, which is awaiting second reading in the Senate, under standards say: "As from the commencement of this Act and subject to the provisions of the (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions) Act, 1985, which provides responsibility for the establishment of standard in Polytechnics shall remain, vested in the Ministry of Education after consultation with the National Board for Technical Education"

On salaries, allowances, promotion of polytechnic graduates harmonisation, the Bill states, "Entry points of salary, allowance, promotion and career prospect of graduates and staff of polytechnics and similar institutions shall be harmonised with other graduates in all public, private and civil service".

It furthers states that, "Subject to the provision of this Act, any government agency or private sector that discriminates against graduates and staff of polytechnics and similar institutions in terms of employment, promotion and career prospect, any person."

.", corporate body who contravenes the provision of this Act shall be guilty of an offence punishable on conviction to a term of not less than five years or a fine of not less than N500,000 for individual firm and N1,000,000 for public organization and or both".

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