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419 is Why Igbo Youths Drop Out of School

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 4:55 pm
by Richard Akindele
Failure to address the realities of the socio-economic problems facing the individual passing through the education system has been identified as the major problem facing education in the country.

President, Nigeria Book Foundation, Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike has attributed the reason why people drop out of school to the result of the Igboman's get-rich-quick propensity.

"Drug peddling, 419, internet business deals, political patronage, and other instant money spinning avenues have out distanced education as the means of acquiring the present day social indices of success, "namely a "white house", the okwu oto ekene eze automobile, paper titles from traditional rulers, and spraying of bundles of dollar bills at the slightest provocation".

In her remark, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Education Trust Fund (ETF), Chief Mrs. Olutoyin Olakunri said that gender crisis manifests in Nigerian education system line in most of Africa.

To solve the problem, she said that a new awarenss and zeal in gender research must be developed, accelerated and sustained.

Olakunri highlighted the importance of Boy Child Education in Nigeria as a whole in the South East, adding that there is a national gender disparity in basic education in enrolment, retention and completion against girls.

She also said that there are regional variations in education with girls and women from Northern Nigeria and rural communities generally at disadvantage.

"The national literacy rate for females is only 56 compared to 72 for males, and in certain states the female literace enrolnment and achievement rates are much lower", she added.

She said that following this, strategies have been mapped out to address the imbalance by raising national awareness on girls education, building of schools technical capacity to develop girl-friendly school environment.

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