NUC Boss Laments Quality of Graduates

NUC Boss Laments Quality of Graduates

Postby Richard Akindele » Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:30 pm

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Peter Okebukola yesterday lamented the quality of graduates being churned out from the nation's universities and advocated intensive retraining programme for graduates of the nation's universities for better quality and standard.

In his keynote address at the start of the three day education summit hosted by the state government, the NUC boss also expressed concern over the quality of teachers, saying most of them are shallow minded.

According to him, "teachers especially recent graduates are very shallow in content knowledge, they know almost next to nothing in terms of their thesis, Mathematics or English, we expect them to be knowledgeable, many of the students even know more than their teachers so a proposal here is that we should subject recent graduates to an intensive retraining programme so that we can bring them up to a high level of intensive content knowledge.

He however expressed hope that with the recent post Universities Matriculation Examination (UME) test introduced in the universities, better graduates will emerge in 2009.

Said he," I cannot boast for any Nigerian graduate that we produce in the last four years, or that will be produced in the next three years because they are not of good quality.

He added, "because of the large enrolments in the nation's universities coupled with the attendant lack of available resources to be able to deliver to them, students have been denied quality education. "

He continued, "from the assessment of the universities, the maximum enrolment those resources can support should not be more than 25,000 but they are enrolling more than 70,000 thus creating a problem of conducive environment for learning.

This prompted the NUC to put in place some measures that universities must employ their carrying capacities and with the introduction of the post UME test that is allowing quality students to come in, by 2009 better graduates will emerge. " In addition, Okebukola postulated that graduates must be subjected to intensive retraining programme particularly those who are venturing into teaching so that they can be thoroughly screened before they are employed in the labour market."

To enhance better standard among the teachers, he stressed the need to conduct a periodic examination every two years where those who failed to meet the required standard will be booted out.

"There is need to have a licensure scheme in place, in the United States for instance, an examination to measure how much you know is conducted periodically, if you do not pass, there is no way you will be employed and if on the other hand you have been employed and after two years you sit for the test and fail, you will be asked to go, so the teachers have no choice other than to sit up."

He added, "This is necessary here for better performance and we can be assured of better quality delivery in schools," Okebukola said.

In his welcome address at the event, Governor Adebayo Alao Akala noted that the nation's educational system is going down the drain and there is an urgent need saying there is an urgent need to address the problem.

As part of efforts by the state government to address the dwindling standard of education, governor Akala said the state government has committed over N3 billion in the implementation of its 30 students per class policy.

To address the dwindling standard of education, Governor Akala admonished parents and teachers to wake up to their responsibilities of training their wards.

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