Who has higher IQ, Blacks or Whites?

Who has higher IQ, Blacks or Whites?

Postby Richard Akindele » Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:16 pm

Mr. A, Harvard Grad, PhD.

Mr. B, high school drop out. A genius at playing musical instruments.

Ms. C, never been to school. Incredible at cooking. Best meal you ever tasted.

Mr. D, college grad, 2.0 GPA. World class sculptor and painter.

The debate about IQ as a measure of intelligence makes little sense to me.

Put Mr. A and Mr. B in the same music class. Chances are good that he never would get as good as Mr. B. So does it really matter that Mr. A was determined by some 'academic' IQ test to be more intelligent?

In reality, Mr. B is more intelligent when it comes to music. Just the same way that Ms. C blows everybody out of the water in cooking.

There is a widely held believe among caucasians that Blacks generally are of lower IQ than Whites.

How rational is that conclusion, given that fact that African immigrants are the most educated group in America, and the UK?

There was a time in history when American slaves were believed to be incapable of learning to read and write. Obviously that was a report by Whites for the consumption of fellow Whites. Something to justify continued enslavement of a fellow human. Is it logical then to conclude that today's believes about low IQ among Black is nothing more than a re-adjusted form of the slavery days?

What role does proper nutrition play in fetal brain development? If it plays any at all, is there a correlation between high IQ scores and standard of living? Would this then explain the Black vs White dichotomy in terms of IQ scores? Is so, why didn't Whites draw this conclusion earlier?

Do the questions asked on the IQ tests make a difference? If a White kid is nurtured in pure Black culture, would his IQ be similar to that of Blacks? Similarly, would the IQ of a Black kid immersed in White culture be as high as a White person's? There have been reports that show this to be exactly the case.

How about language proficiency. Does it matter? African Americans for instance, are less proficient in English relative to their White counter parts. This is purely cultural, and has nothing to do with intelligence. It's the same kind of thing you find when you compare southern rednecks in the USA to say, Californians. You'd find a large language barrier there.

Engineer Philip Emeagwali, with IQ of 190 is a Nigerian Black. How is that possible, if genetically, Blacks have low IQ? Another example, Martin Luther with an IQ of 170.

If somebody takes IQ tests many times, does his score improve? If so, doesn't that make IQ test just like any other test? In other words, the better prepared you are, the higher would be your IQ. More resource equates to higher IQ. Since Whites generally have way more resources, are we then just comparing apple to oranges when we compare IQ of Blacks and Whites? That puts the whole premise of IQ test as a measure of intelligence into question.

In the end, if you know all there is to know about the things you're interested in, whose business is it what your IQ is? As is the case with the 4 fictional characters I opened this piece with.

Does IQ define a person? Most importantly, should it define a whole race?
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