The Nigerian National Anthem.

The Nigerian National Anthem.

Postby lexdino » Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:21 am

Arise O Compatriots
Nigerias Call Obey
To Serve Our Fatherland
With Love And Strength And Faith
The Labour Of Our Heroes Past
Shall Never Be In Vain
To Serve With Heart And Might
One Nation Bound In Freedom
Peace And Unity.

O God Of Creation
Direct Our Noble Cause
Guide Our Leaders Right
Help Our Youth The Truth To Know
In Love And Honesty To Grow
And Live In Just And Truth
Great Lofty Heart Attain
To Build A Nation Where Peace
And Justice Shall Reign.

The Pledge.

I Pledge To Nigeria My Country
To Be Faithful Loyal And Honest
To Serve Nigeria With All My Strength
(to serve Nigeria is not by force!) :roll:
To Defend Her Unity
And Uphold Her Honour And Glory
So Help Me God

Those are the first and second verses of the Nigerian national anthem and also the national pledge.
Many Nigerian citizens dont even know the national anthem or pledge and I doubt if half of our so called leaders will know either.
Most Nigerians who are aware of their national anthem are only able to recite some few lines fluently.
Others who can recite the Nigerian national anthem and say the pledge with ease dont even know or care about its significance.
Well, come to think of it, in these times when Nigeria as a country is faced with countless major problems such as Corruption, Tribalism, Regionalism, Poverty, Child Trafficking, Epileptic Power Supply, and other problems too numerous to mention, is the fact that most Nigerians dont know how to recite or sing their national anthem also an issue that demands government attention?
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Postby Richard Akindele » Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:44 pm

General Murtala Muhammed used to pay surprise visits to places around the country. Anybody who couldn't recite the national anthem, was disciplined.

The Labour Of Our Heroes Past
Shall Never Be In Vain

Huh, it looks like the labor of our past heroes is in vain right now. The nation is in chaos. It's pretty much every man to himself. The government is largely detatched from people's reality.

There are two classes in Nigeria: the fat ruling class, and the hungry masses.

This kind of thing is what gave birth to Leninism. The people at the top stole everything, while everybody was dying of hunger. Lenin came along and campaigned for equality, and ultimately won proletariat's votes.

Same thing led to the French Revolution.

Greed seems to be increasing in Nigeria. The national pie is not being shared, instead it just disappears as soon as it's received. How in the world could a nation with oil be so poor?
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Postby xdunamis » Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:50 am

The Nigeria National Anthem, Hmmm..
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