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Light complexion

Postby Richard Akindele » Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:42 am

For reasons best known to the individual, some engage in the act of lightening their skin colour through the aid of chemicals. This action is commonly referred to as skin bleaching.

Humans generally are not colour blind. I don't mean colour blind as in race, but rather as in skin tones. People of all races come in all shades.

I doubt anybody will dispute the fact that we talk about skin tone amongst ourselves. For some, these kinds of opinions could set the stage for ultimately making the move toward skin bleaching.

So, given this fact, should it be considered inappropriate that somebody decides to change their skin tone?

In terms of the factors that could influence people toward skin bleaching, I feel the opinions of the people around us play a role.

For instance, if your friend is doing great in the dating department because she's lighter skinned, you might be tempted to give bleaching a try.

If someone wants to bleach their skin, that is their choice. I personally see nothing wrong with it.

For those opposed to skin bleaching, how would they feel about plastic surgery done to change one's looks. In essence, skin bleaching, and plastic surgery have something in common - ultimately looking different.

If you're against skin bleaching by Blacks, would you say you're equally against White people tanning?

Bleaching or tanning, it's just individual choice, geared toward the same goal.
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