Was It The Right Action?

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Was It The Right Action?

Postby lexdino » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:03 am

An incident occured some few days ago whereby a woman that was on her way to the market had a "Transport Fare Misunderstanding" with the driver of the taxi cab that she had boarded.
The argument transcended to an extent that the taxi driver was "prompted" to beat her up mercilessly.
The woman went home and reported her ordeal to her husband who on hearing his wife's complaint, went straight to the police station and got the taxi driver arrested.
Actually, i was confused at the husbands approach to the issue.
Was arresting the taxi driver who beat up his wife, the best action :? ?
Dont you think he should have proved his might by fighting the taxi driver :evil: ?
What would have been your response or reaction if you were to be in his shoers :wink: ?
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