how to paste google * and search on your blog

how to paste google * and search on your blog

Postby inertia » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:07 am

guide to pasting * on your blog

Simple steps to pasting google * on your blog

Your * account has been approved, now you want to display * ads into your site. * ads are Java Script. You are not familiar with Java Script or HTML. You are confused how to paste * code into your blog.You may also interest to know how to paste * code between the posts. Are you searching for guidelines to paste * code? Yes, you have landed at the right place. I will guide you to paste * code into your site.First I will discuss how to display * ads in blogger blog.
Method one:
Sign in to go to your Dashboard. In the relevant blog click 'LAYOUT' and you will be taken to the 'Blogger:: Edit Template HTML', where you will see "Add a page Element" under the Navbar and Header. Click on the "Add a Page Element"
After you click on "Add a Page Element", a pop-up will appear. There are several option in the pop-up to add into your blog. Click on "*" . Seelect appropriate format and color as per the placement of the * ads and the background color of your blog. If you like to place ads in the side bar choose the skyskapper . With the drag and drop menu you can change the placement of ads any where. Before saving check your * publishers ID No. If it is correct save it. You are done.
Method two:
Log in to your * account
Log in to your * account using your email address and password.Once logged in, you will see four tabs on the top- ' Reports', '* Setup', 'My account' and 'Resources'. Select the '* Setup' tab panel. Under '* Setup' you will see four optins. Select '* for Content'. You will be directed to a form that provides options to fully customize the look of your ads, such as selecting ad formats, sizes and colours. Opted for Single page option to view the whole thing in a single page. Under '* for Content' there are two options- 'Ad unit' and 'Link Unit'. You are allowed to place up to three ad units and three link units on any page. First select ad unit (text and image ads in default is the best) next choose adformat and color(blend your color with the background color of your site to increase CTR).Choose corner style as you like. Then Add channel, if you like to track the performance of your ad unit. Now 'submit and get code'. Finally, you will get the ad code for your * ad unit. Click anywhere inside the grey box to select the code, then right-click and select copy. Copy the * code without changing any thing. Now go the "Add a Page Element" on the pop-up menu click on "HTML/Java Scripts", Paste the * code in the box provided and save it.
Method three:
Sign in to go to your Dashboard. In the relevant blog click 'LAYOUT' and you will be taken to the Blogger:: Edit Template HTML, "Under Blog post" Click on "Edit". A pop-up will appear. At the bottom you will see the option "show ads between the posts". Select * Ads to be displayed after one, two, three or four posts. Save it. You are done. * ads will be appeared between the posts.

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You tried in compiling such a thread though the a-d-s-e-n-s-e was a kind of removed and replaced with * symbol. But i'm sure those bloggers out there that dont already know how to do this get and understand it.
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