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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 12:37 pm
by faithymichael

People have always been giving different suggestions on what they think could be the source of Nigeria unstable existence, but no one had ever been bold to take the bull by the horn. Digging down to the source; by analysis, statistics, and apparent occurrence, it is undoubted that the Ethnic, Political, Economic, Religious and Security mayhem Nigeria has been witnessing emanated from her Northern part of the country and strictly pioneered by the Northern leaders! We would love to ask how? And why the Northern leaders?

From independent till day, Nigeria has been led by its people for % to 46. per day. Economically: poverty has undermine the the human right to live in the region. According to the report by the CBN; poverty rose from .7%, North east 3.6% compared to 44.6% of the South east and other Southern region.

By total examination, Nigeria is comprehensively suffering from Economic downturn, abase Political value, Illiteracy and poor Health system although, but the contribution of the Northern region to this crises can not be over-emphasized.

Why Northern leaders? Corruption, selfishness, and non-challant attitude towards the development of the people emanated from the hard-hearten Northern leaders. If Obafemi Awolowo short stay as the premier of the old Western region could afford them the mass child enrollment and literacy benefit in the region through the help of free education, then the Northern leaders have spent 38 meaningless years on throne but to enrich their purse and fight for political power. In fact the security mayhem the country is facing today has been traced to poverty, illiteracy and the absence of political value from the region extruded by the retarded intellectual functioning of most people inhabiting in the region.

The Northerners; it high time to hold all the miscreants accountable for their deliberate political play which has undermine the expected human standard of existence and jeopardize the future of the part which erupt the complicity and extremism of their people in their approaches towards life activities. Statistically, the region is indeed living very below the standard of living expected of human being on the planet earth. While the Western and Eastern leaders are busy fighting poverty and illiteracy in their region, the northern leaders are vying for political power.

This is an exposition for us to know the miscreants whom are behind the instability and mental slavery of the Northerners and Nigeria in general, and shun their wrong direction and being used for their complacent interest of political growth, so as to help the upcoming generation of the Northerners and save the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria.

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