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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 12:32 pm
by faithymichael

Plaudits and knights were showered on the Nigerian president and the military for the bravery declaration of state of emergency on the three Northern states were terrorist have almost taken over, as the military fought back to end the uprising in the states. But there is something which caught an attention whenever Nigeria pulls up a fight against the insurgents that attracts a careful concern for the encroachment of the citizen rights of living and safety. I was opportune to engage in a discussion with some human rights activists and legal practitioners where the issue of extra judicial killings were discussed; then i began ask myself how do we fight insurgents in Nigeria? What are the questions surrounding the killings of insurgents and other innocent civilians in the name of killing Boko Hararm? Where are the corpses of killed insurgents to justify the accusation of Extra Judicial killings?

There, Extra judicial killings were explained from the legal point of view which describe any lawless killing without been tried at the court of law to vindicate the presumed accusation. This implies this positing that, all killed insurgents by the Nigerian military accused to be Boko Haram were not been vindicated to be what they are accused to be. And why are they not showing the corpses to the world to see? This is a question that calls for explanation by the Nigerian Government and military to avoid a taint on the practice of democracy in Nigeria. The commander of the terrorist sect ( Abu Shekaru) accused the military for the apprehension and attack of their wives and families which is outside the postulation of the statute law and the law of engagement of the military which states a caution in protecting the civilians in their cause of protecting the nation.

The issue of killing many insurgents by the military which resulted into the Baga massacre that feared over 180 people dead has elaborated the issue of extra judicial killings. This calls for a review and subsequent measure so as not to taint the operation of democracy in Nigeria.

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