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PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2013 2:33 pm
by faithymichael

No one would ever doubt an explicit pronouncement that the Akure airport showdown is a political play. Many people have contributed to the issue based on personal hatred for Nigeria politicians which I observed from the response to the River state government explanations on the Facebook. But we need to suspend our grudges and address the issue fairy as a nation who is anxious of political development and good democratic practice.

Primarily, there is a conflict between the River state governor and the president of Nigeria in their political caucus which emanated from the condemn of the president's approach to fuel subsidy issue by the River state governor Rotimi Amaechi. Although the PDP has denied any disagreement between the political blocs , but the Akure showdown has remove the doubt and expose the political play. After the grounded of the Rotimi Amaechi's aircraft in Akure, the aviation agency could not give a concrete explanation for the held down rather they accused the aircraft with faulted papers. I wonder, an aircraft which had been flying for many months in Nigeria just detected with faulty papers after the political showpiece between the politicians.

After many calls by the governor and the hon. Speaker of house of representative who was also in the aircraft to the burial of Ekiti deputy governor, the jet was released.

From inducement, it was noted that there is an influence which has deliberately embarrassed and maltreated the dignity of the governor. And moreover, do aviation agency not know the aircraft papers are faulty since its flying in the Nigeria air space.

From the analysis, the country has always been suffering from the abstinence of democratic freedom of expression which will in turn downturn the dignity of the expressor through political power. Moreover, the E.F.C.C has launched a probe to investigate the $10million missing from the river state government account and the probe of Rotimi Amaechi's $45million aircraft purchase. This has shown that only the disagreement between these political elites can expose their complicity which has been covered for many years, and some of them have been using the anti-corruption agencies and other public agencies as the instrument of punishing all whom defy their ambition or decisions.

When will the country develop democratically?

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