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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 11:49 am
by faithymichael

Many would wonder how illiteracy came into description of the malfunctions of the Nigerian police force to sum up the corruption erupting the downturn professionalism of the profession. But in contrary, it is a misconceived definition given to illiteracy in our average minded society, which neglect the identification of illiteracy as the primary bane of disparage confidence in the force. Briefly, a state of ignorance in a chosen profession which underscore the intellectual know-how of its practice, is described as illiteracy.

Practically, the Nigerian police force has undermine the confidence of the people in their ability to protect lives and property in such a way not to violate the statute laws. Whereas, they have turned the law upside down to favor the rich, receive bribes, providing ammunition for robbers and the unlawful detention of accused person among others. This has increased the lapses of our security effort which abrogated the respect for the profession. I could remember when they came into my street for an illegal raiding of innocent people on the street whom are just coming from their working places very early in the night(7:30pm), if not for the intervention of the former AIG who lives in our community that expose their complicity, they would have detained them until they receive thousands for bail. In fact, it is explicitly written that "bail is free" but the reverse is the case for them.

Indeed, illiteracy have been vindicated due for their inability to respect the principles governing the rules of law, for them to know the rights of the people is their first priority,and to know the implication of their thirsty want for money through an unlawful means is a taint and deterioration to the existence of democracy in Nigeria.

Through this, we call for proper mind development training, adequate orientation, proper measure to checkmate their performances, and proper recruitment screening to reform the Nigerian police force from the strategic seats to the operational stands, and emulate the true practice of police professionalism from other developed nations without any form of bias and selfish thirst of enrichment through the clumsy discharge of duties. With this, we can begin to rebuild our confidence in them and enjoy the dividends of democracy without any trace of manipulation.

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