The Surest Thing

The Surest Thing

Postby XSi » Sun Jul 30, 2006 1:52 am

The Surest Thing

A dilated look at the exaggerated picture
Reminiscence of an artless childhood
A brilliant artwork of Grandpa's Caricature
Flashback of the isolated Birnam wood

The deserted wood with Grandpa i abscond to
Acquiesced to elucidated mysteries of life
The surest thing in life i must know
The anecdote i yield to without strife

The homicidal maniac with the instinct is it
Invisible and invincible with warlock
With arrow for man Achille's heel he is kit
Irresistible access to the soul without knock

Death is the unimpeded surest thing
The irrefutable end of all creature living

Kaydee Yo! (2002)
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